Connie Houston Interiors is a unique Interior Design Consultancy, informed by extensive knowledge of historic interiors.


Connie Houston has a love of design and decoration which stems back to childhood doll’s house renovations, an enthusiasm nurtured during her early career as an international fashion model where she gained first-hand experience of some of the world’s most interesting and inspiring buildings and their interiors. Life in Paris introduced her to the world of flea markets and high-end antique shops, where browsing for treasures and collecting unusual objects and furniture became a favourite pastime along with renovating and decorating her own apartments. University studies in History of Art, with focus on the decorative arts at Masters level, enhanced Connie’s appreciation of such finds and gave her the basis to build on to advise on Historic Interiors. Meanwhile, a diploma in Interior Design honed skills she had developed working on her own projects, giving her the competence to take them to a professional level.

In addition to period properties, Connie has renovated and decorated high quality rental apartments, her philosophy being that she would only create spaces in which she would like to live herself and where people would be happy. Now based between Paris and Glasgow, Connie draws inspiration from her History of Art background along with her travels to create unique interiors which exude a relaxed elegance.


Our surroundings are important. Intelligently designed interiors can greatly improve the quality of life for those living and working in them and interior design has the potential to play a vital role in society.

Everyone’s quality of life can be enhanced by smart interior design both outside and inside the home, where everyone deserves surrounding which suit them and lift their spirits, no matter what their budget. A successful interior should flow with seemingly effortless ease and ultimately enrich everyday life, whether in a large scale corporate development or in a small private project.

When dealing with period properties, be it an eighteenth-century chateau or an early twentieth-century terraced house, Connie believes that the demands and practicalities of modern life should be considered alongside the integrity of the building, which must be respected and cared for. Historic Buildings are part of our cultural heritage and if they are conserved in the appropriate manner they will be safeguarded for future generations. Period properties can make wonderful, characterful contemporary homes and business settings, often with decorative features and proportions which are rarely found in modern buildings and can contribute to very special atmospheres in the interiors in which they are found.

Careful consideration of the client’s needs, tastes and wishes, as well as the architectural environment, are of central importance in the creation of spaces which possess a unique atmosphere of relaxed elegance with decidedly personal touches. In a corporate environment this translates as spaces where people feel at ease to live, work and pass leisure time. In a private residence this means interiors which reflect the personality and tastes of the inhabitants, environments in which they feel comfortable and where life can thrive – homes are for living in after all.